Thursday, 24 May 2018

1980s shortwave sounds - part 4

Here is another collection of recordings from the past. AWR, including the theme tune to its World DX news produced by the former World DX Club,  Radio Baghdad putting in a good signal and also clear reception in English from RAE in Buenos Aires - which sadly no longer broadcasts in English to Europe.

Track listing:
Adventist World Radio European service: Address, announcements
Radio Prague, Czechoslovakia: ID, address
Austrian Radio: Sign on and off
Voice of Greece: Sign on
Radio Free Europe: ID in English
Radio Berlin Int, GDR: Sign off
Voice of America: ID, frequencies
Radio Pyongyang, North Korea: Sign off
Swiss Radio Int: Sign on
Radio Baghdad, Iraq: Sign on
RAE, Argentina: ID, address

(15:35 mins)

Here is the link:

Sunday, 20 May 2018

1980s shortwave sounds - part 3

Welcome to some sounds from the shortwave bands in the early 1980s. Tune into the tropical
band in those days and it would be full of exotic sounds from Asia, Africa and Latin America. On this recording is a clip from Radio Tacna, Peru. Other recordings feature Radio Yugoslavia signing on, Radio Peking - before the Chinese capital was renamed Beijing - and the theme music from the Radio Budapest DX show.

Full tracklisting:
Voice of America: ID
Radio Tacna, Peru: IDs
Radio Station Peace & Progress, USSR: ID, sign off
All India Radio: Sign on
Radio Yugoslavia: Sign on
Radio Peking, China: Sign on and off
Kol Israel: Sign on
Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran: Sign on
Radio Japan: ID, address
Radio Budapest, Hungary: ID, address, sign off
Radio Habana Cuba: Address
Kol Israel: Address, sign off
Radio Kuwait: Sign on

(15:38 mins)

Here is the link:

Sunday, 13 May 2018

1980s shortwave sounds - part 2

Here is another batch of shortwave recordings from the past. Among the interesting clips are couple from Radio Free Grenada. The Caribbean country was controlled by a left-wing government from 1979 until 1983, when American forces invaded the island.

There is a clip from Radio Station Peace & Progress - the Voice of Soviet Public Opinion, from the USSR, which dominated the shortwave bands during the Cold War.

Full Tracklisting:
Radio Cairo: Sign on
Radio Polonia: Sign on
Radio Free Grenada: IDs
Radio Nacional Brasil: Sign off
Voice of Nigeria: Sign off
Radio Tashkent: Sign on
Radio Canada Int: Sign off
Radio Free Grenada: ID, sign off
Radio Pakistan: Sign on and off
Radio Station Peace & Progress, USSR: Sign on
Radio Portugal: Sign on & off

(19:46 mins)

Here's the link:

Monday, 7 May 2018

1980s shortwave sounds - part one

There's some interesting recordings in this first batch of clips from around 1980.

Chile was under the control of the Pinochet military dictatorship, and ran an international service called the Voice of Chile. This clip features the station's interval signal, sign on and close down of its English service.

Radio RSA was the voice of South Africa - still under apartheid rule at this stage.

Radio Norway had an English programme, although it was limited to 30 minutes a week!

Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, and its foreign service was called Radio Kiev.

Iraq, under the rule of Saddam Hussein, maintained an English service. The clip features Radio Baghdad signing on.

The full tracklisting is:

Voice of Chile: Sign on & off
Radio RSA, South Africa: Sign on & off
Radio Algiers, Algeria: Sign on
Transworld Radio, Bonaire: Sign on, ID
Radio Norway: Sign on & off
Radio Kiev, Ukraine: Address, sign off
Radio Pakistan: Sign on
Radio Baghdad, Iraq: Sign on
Radio Korea, South Korea

(22:01 minutes)

Here's the link:


When I first started listening to shortwave at the end of the 1970s, it was a very different place. Many countries maintained an international service broadcasting to all corners of the world.

You could tune the dial and travel the world. But over the years these stations have disappeared with only a handful still running international services.

I recorded many of these now long disappeared sounds onto cassette tapes.

I have now downloaded these recordings and can share some of them with you. All these recordings were made in the early years of the 1980s.

So sit back and enjoy the sounds of shortwave from the past.